Welcome Home(s)!

The 2019 IKEA Catalog is here, and we’ve got some big news. We’ve always included inspirational single room settings in our catalog. But this year, we’ve switched things up by creating whole homes.

These spaces were designed for fictional families but are full of real ideas and inspiration. We’re excited to invite the whole world into the biggest “open house” ever as we reveal seven homes across over 100 pages of the catalog, all created with our products.

Designing a better life at home. To create the homes in our 2019 catalog, we started with IKEA’s Life at Home report. Each year, we conduct in-depth research with people all around the globe.

We do home visits, interviews, and surveys to better understand both the joys and challenges of life today. We then use the insights gained to help develop products and provide good solutions.

From the report, we developed seven backstories and living situations. Then, our designers used those to create the floor plans, furniture layouts, and interior looks for the homes.

Our goal is to show how the design of individual rooms works together to create homes that really support you, your life, and your style.

Unique, just like you. Our seven catalog homes represent a wide range of styles, sizes, and budgets; proof that there really is no such thing as a typical IKEA home (or customer!).

Our home features are just part of the 2019 catalog. Throughout you’ll also find all the new products we’re excited to share, a fantastic selection of old favorites, and smart, stylish, affordable solutions for every corner of your home.

And as always, what we are able to feature in the catalog is just a fraction of our full offer, so lots more can be found online and in our stores. Ready to explore? The welcome mat is out, so come on in!

Haven in the city

It’s possible to create a calming sanctuary even in a stressful city; a way to create balance thanks to organization and an uncluttered environment. You can create a place for reflection, peace, joy, and the ability to recharge, leaving the busy world outside and bringing attention to well-being.

Life at Home research insight: As life becomes busier and work more demanding, the outside world – often via technology – seeps into our homes like never before, creating internal stress.

Who lives here: This family of two leads a hectic worklife that they want to leave behind as soon as they enter their home.

Decorate for your senses. We often focus on color and shape when choosing furnishings, but texture and quality of light can be equally important in creating the type of room you enjoy spending time in.

Softness is the goal here, from cozy throws and pillows to sheer curtains that filter sunlight, and the diffused warm glow of a lamp with a paper shade like SJÖPENNA.