Room Ideas & Inspirations

Room Ideas & Inspirations

A special focus is put on life in and around the living room. Or better yet, the room for life.

Here we share a few of our interior solutions from the catalog – ideas on how to make room for all kinds of activities allowing you to choose the life you live, and simple home furnishing tips that might inspire you to rethink your own home.

Find out how to cleverly make small, price-worthy spaces grow, or live a more sustainable life at home just by purchasing the right kitchen…

Make room for life

Make room for being together – and apart. The living room tends to be the place where everyone does almost everything. Play. Nap. Work. Chat. Eat. Think. But sometimes we don’t want to do it all together, right? Carving out zones in this well-loved room makes space for everything – and everyone.

Engage your senses and make room for zen. Much of daily life is about being connected. Your home can be a place to do the opposite. Disconnecting in a space dedicated to engaging your senses, can help you toss the stressors of the world and simply be in the now.

Smell the fresh pinewood. Feel the soft cotton textiles. See the green life of nature, inside. This way, you’ll have the space to think, rest and disconnect, just by being in the room.

Stretching your space to be as flexible as you are. The expectations of a living room are constantly increasing, while the space is shrinking and the activities are bleeding into one another.

Furnishing flexibly with two gateleg tables means there’s plenty of room for socializing, dining and your daily dose of exercise while your little one sits comfortably close by.

A living room for kids to be kids. You might see a living room, but your kids see all the ingredients they need to play.

And so your rug becomes a hopscotch game and your coffee table an essential for fort building. When you furnish your space with durable, washable – and good-looking – pieces, you create a room where play is life, and anything can happen.

Small space living

Fluid life. Fluid space. Fluid furniture. Larger pieces of furniture in a small space don’t only need to cater to a single purpose. Tables on wheels can do wonders in a studio.

Socialize and share a meal, or roll them away to free up plenty of space for spreading out and indulging in your passion – whatever that may be.

A small room with a grand idea. It can be tricky to break the conventional living room set up, even when it doesn’t suit one’s lifestyle or space. But it’s not impossible.

Erase the conventions, and start thinking about your needs. Pulling furniture away from the wall and into the center of the room means more wall space and more personality.

Here’s a studio that now embodies the essence of multi-functionality: workspace, bedroom, living room and dining spot – all on an island in the middle of the room.

Sustainable living

Sustainability is the new black. At a time when we feel pressure to be more conscious consumers, it’s a relief to know that getting a dream kitchen can be sustainable too.

Being eco-conscious isn’t always about the small actions alone. Sometimes it’s as simple as buying big products with a smaller footprint. Meet KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts, made from recycled wood and recycled PET bottles.