Resourceful and Loving It

Resourceful and Loving It

As the world spins faster, many of us want to live lives that are better for both body and planet, in sync with nature and mindful of its resources. Here’s a creative city home that’s all about making conscious choices for a healthier and more sustainable way of living.

Veggies are home-grown, resources are (re)used wisely, and there are thrifty DIY solutions for co-living and co-working. A resourceful home that’s always close to nature, even in an urban jungle.

For that natural, organic look

Warm, earthy color tones. Natural woods and rattan. Rustic textiles and crafty pottery, glass and enameled metalware. That’s how you pin down this look at home.


From the cheerful clinking of glasses to kids who won’t eat their veggies (unless there’s dessert first), the dining table is where it all happens; we laugh and cry, eat and drink, play board games and arm wrestle (finally settling that veggie/dessert issue).

We’ve got all kind of tables, chairs and dinnerware – all ready for many years of service. Here’s a small sample; you’ll find the whole enchilada on and in your local store.


Heating up a frozen pizza or prepping a truffle souffle – we all have different ideas of what makes a perfect kitchen. Having developed kitchens for almost 50 years, we cater to all kinds of chefs and offer a full smorgasbord of kitchens, cookware, and storage solutions (even food!). This is just a small taste of what we’ve got cooking. The full menu is on and at the IKEA store.

Children’s Room

Whether you’re bringing home your baby for the first time or negotiating with your 12-year-old for the 100th, children are the most precious people in the world! That’s why we’re all about making children’s products that are safe and supportive of children’s development and growth. All based on 20 years of knowledge and research.


There’s something comforting about the moment you crawl into bed. Turning off, reflecting, exhaling, recharging. Whether you’re looking to improve your well-being or freshen up your style, we have lots of bedroom products for restful nights and happy days. These pages show a small selection. See more at and your IKEA store (where you can touch all the soft things).


It’s simple. It’s streamlined. And it’s so much more. Over the years MALM has become something of a legend by being the ultimate union of form and function. Its minimalist style suits any room, but the ample storage is what truly makes it a must-have piece.

Clothes and shoe storage

Raise your hand if you’ve spent time searching for socks. Or shoes. We think time is precious and should be spent doing what you love. That’s why we have wardrobes, chests of drawers, boxes and more to cut the clutter. And plenty of customizable storage for the bedroom, hallway, living room – or any spot really. Browse our full storage selection of products at and your local store. Your organized, future self thanks you.


We’ve been fine-tuning our smart storage, BRIMNES, for a long time. Think flexible pieces perfect for customizing an entertainment center, displays for your most cherished things, and storage that makes life that much easier.


Whether you live for organizing or not, our beloved wardrobe system is a game changer. Why? Because you call the shots and design it completely to your needs and taste. The style, color, knobs, handles, hinged or sliding doors — it’s all up to you.


Stay a little longer (even if someone’s knocking). The bathroom is where you take care of yourself. Spending some time on it means it’ll work harder for you. Whether you want boxes for fewer hunts, new faucets for lower bills or a bath mat for cozier toes, we have tons of bathroom products.