Home Furnishing, Step-by-step

Home Furnishing, Step-by-step

Dive deeper into a room set, and find out how to create a look, solve a problem or get new ideas on how to improve your home. IKEA interior designers share their expert knowledge in a more specific, yet approachable, way to empower the reader to use it on their own.

How to tell your story in still lifes. In three simple steps we take you through ways to create an ever-changing gallery that tells your personal story. There’s no right or wrong way to use them – just your way.

Large impressions with a small price

For 2018 we’re introducing a new type of room set where we select a combination of products with a total price to show readers how to instantly purchase and replicate a solution – or part of one – at home. They focus on the little, affordable things that really make a difference. Whether it’s about creating a new look, or simply making a few tweaks, they can help people create immediate change at a low price.

Furniture made to move with you. You never know where life will take you. But wherever you move, you should be able to take your furniture with you. Choose light, versatile pieces that are easy to move – and look right at home in any space.

Putting you first with inspiration at your fingertips

Regardless if it’s a room set, new products or understanding how to shop at IKEA, it’s all about enabling people to find what’s best and most suited for their homes. We want it to be simple, hands -on, and without question about price, quality or how to get “that” look on your own. You should always be able to do it all by yourself – and if you don’t want to, IKEA is there to help you every step of the way.

Quality products at amazing prices

Everyone deserves to have a home that they love. We want our products to inspire and empower you, regardless of the size of your wallet or living space. It’s about offering you an afforable product that is so much more than affordable – it’s versatile, durable and attractive. It takes you from dreaming to doing.

The five faves of all time We all have IKEA favorites.

So we’ve chosen to celebrate a select few by highlighting their icon status, qualit y, versatility and design. These product families have been ranked the mos t loved by customers for years – here we’re sharing wh y. From smart BESTÅ and sleek MALM to ageless HEMNES, find out why these pieces are still standing strong.

New arrivals

We want to show that there’s always something new at IKEA: new ideas, new products, new ways to look at your home. Here we’ve handpicked a few exciting things to look forward to. But our new product and collection launches don’t only happen during the drop of the IKEA Catalog – they happen all year around.

Feature stories

We’re curious about you, your life at home, what’s going on outside our bubble and how it affects the world all of us live in. With our feature stories connected to home furnishing, design innovation and societal engagement, we take you on a journey around the globe. Get an even bigger picture digitally, where lives, cities, ideas and products come to life in short documentary films.

Big glamour with a small amount of money

Anyone can express their own style with IKEA products. To prove it, vivacious Iranian-French interior designer Maryam Mahdawi gets to create her dream living room using only IKEA products and a lot of tips and tricks. Known for her glamorous, haute couture style and playful, theatrical creations, Maryam pushes the envelope as far as it can go. She calls it “Marie Antoinette meet s Mr. Kamprad .

There’s more to life than furniture

We decided to explore what it takes to create a home for a young urban nomad; Josh, 24, in Berlin. Together with an IKEA interior designer, we create a room for Josh that fits his needs, and can easily be packed and moved to a new adventure.

Get ideas and inspiration on how to think smart, flexible and light-weight. To better get to know Josh and the vibrant pulse of Berlin, we hang out with him for a day: visit his favorite places, meet his friends and find out what they love, how they live, and, most importantly, why they’ve chosen to live this way.

Play for life The IKEA

Foundation has partnered with Handicap International to support its use of play-based activities to rehabilitate disabled and other vulnerable children. This story is about their work in a refugee camp in Thailand.

It’s about the children and their families living in poverty, violence and difficult conditions, with no means to relax, and no opportunity to play.

Handicap International is changing that by creating inclusive playgrounds where the children can feel safe, share their experiences, relax, smile and play – essential elements for their mental and physical health.